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 Like every year, Uludag University Underwater Community (USAT) with its awareness of social responsibility which has broken grounds on disabled dove did not forget disabled people at this year, too.  By the motto of “Diving is Freedom”, 16 disabled children were met swimming pool.  Thanks to volunteer projects conducted by university students, the disabled children enjoyed the pleasure of swimming first time. The disabled children who participated in activities sponsored by Erkurt Holding felt that obstacles are part of life and freedom is needed to overcome them. The dinner was held with participation of Erkurt Holding Board Member Ali Kerem  Alptemoçin, Erkurt Holding General Coordinator  Nazım Serhatlı, Erkurt Holding Human Resources Manager Özlem Ayabakan, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Eray Alper,  Deputy Rector Prof..Mehmet Yüce and SKS Department Head Hamza Meral and  “Diving is Freedom” plaque of appreciation was presented to Erkurt Holding Board Member A. Kerem Alptemoçin for his contribution to the Project.


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